What to choose for realization of a mobile application?

March 28, 2014

Mobile marketing is not something fashionable that is used only in the USA or Europe. Today, there are two aspects of mobile project realization: mobile application and mobile website. That’s why for businesses a question about what to develop arises. So, let’s play around with it.

Mobile site is a special version of a site which is developed for a mobile device. Mobile application is developed for a certain platform (iOs, Android, Windows Phone). There exists another variant – mobile application with a browser component, which is called hybrid mobile application.

Comparative analysis of mobile site and a mobile application


 Mobile site

Mobile application


Displayed in the same way in smartphone’s browser on every platform regardless of the mobile phone model

There is a need to develop several applications for different platforms

Audience coverage

Any mobile device with internet access

Only smartphones and tablets

Launching expenses

Expenses for the site hosting deployment  

Developers should pay for AppStore and Android Market licenses


Available for all users

Available after the installation

Easy to use

No further actions

Downloading and installation required

Functional availability


Almost complete

Use without internet accessibility

Not all devices

All devices


Easy to change and improve

Updating required

Graphic art support

There are difficulties with images of a big size


Interaction with users

Middle lever

High level


Middle lever

High level


Aimed more at a server than at a user

Application is rather aimed at a user than at a mobile site

























Nevertheless, not every business needs a development of an application or a mobile site. This will be profitable only if your target audience uses mobile applications a lot. It’s worth noting that today more than 25% of consumers visit websites using their mobile devices. According to the prognoses the percentage of such users will increase.

Who is your target audience?

Taking into account the increase of traffic that we have today it becomes necessary for a business to have a mobile site. It is an effective tool for gaining popularity in a mobile sphere but take into account the specialty of your business and your target audience.

The development of mobile application is appropriate for:

- sharing a content (if your business is connected with information sharing, then mobile application will provide you new and useful way of its consuming)

- web service ( Internet banking, internet service. If you are an owner of a large internet service or a bank then a mobile application will be useful)

- product advantages ( if you create unique mobile application so it will be a good reason for the mass media to cover it)

- new sales channel ( if your business is connected with a supply of real and virtual products , a mobile application will help you to attract new clients)

- personal usage ( mobile applications can be useful for you and your employees)

Of course there is no exact decision on what business needs: mobile site or mobile application, because as you can see everything depends on your business. The most important thing is to think about your audience and make something that they will appreciate.  

Company’s profit from developing a mobile application

March 28, 2014

The using of mobile applications for business today is not a sensation. The number of mobile applications is increasing due to the growing competition on the market. There exist a lot of examples of intellectual services in the sphere of developing such kind of programs which became much more available. Nowadays mobile applications on the Russian market are common for large mass media companies, web-stores, banks and other businesses. In every company mobile applications solve definite tasks for its clients, which help them to operate with the provided services and products.

The profit of having a mobile application

There are examples when a company increases its popularity by launching a mobile application. Let’s try to find out all the pluses of using a mobile application for business:

The implementation of the direct buying mechanisms. Now your clients can buy and pay for your products or services at any time and everywhere. Consumers can find your application while using their mobile gadgets on a trip or at a break during their work. When they open it they find an overview of all your special offers and new products. There is no better way of making a purchase.

 Business processes’ automation. The program performs all the operations itself and doesn’t require additional updating payments. The development of a mobile application is not cheap but this business sphere is the thing of the future.

Branding. A client becomes more interested when he finds out that a company has a mobile application. From now on this program is associated with your company and the logo of it is in every mobile application and in every smartphone. A user will remember your company’s style, the name and also your specialization.

Presenting the information in a right and profitable way. Now when you have an interface developed by professionals you can cooperate with your audience without any agents. There is no human factor that’s why a user get the things he really needs.  The information which is included in the program contains everything that is required so the structure directs the user to the way of making a purchase.

Target audience coverage.

The developing of iPhone and android applications supposes the attraction of the potential buyers.

Risks and prospects

It’s important to approach to the development of the application rationally. Everything in it including design, interface and functionality is important. When everything in the program works correctly the program will bring not only the publicity capital but also the monetary one.

The investments in the application are also a high risk sometimes but the profit of them can be really priceless. Nowadays a tenth of Russians regularly make their purchases using applications for mobile phones and tablets. Nowadays there are a lot of IT companies in Russia who can develop a mobile application for you. An application couldn’t gain you profit at once but the prospects are really amazing.

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Mobile application marketing: between logic and technology

March 28, 2014

Mobile application marketing is a pretty interesting business area, which allows to capitalize intellectual resources of the company at short notice. Some customers of this sphere who are not engaged enough in it think that mobile application development is a technical process. That’s why an ordinary developer first of all is considered as a programmer. It is also a person who works with projects and generally who has to meet the deadline and do everything correctly. It is rarely mentioned that the project can be paid off only in several months or even years. Nevertheless this condition doesn’t make such kind of investment unprofitable.

So when all the technical means are put into practice there appears a human side of the whole process. When the price for the development of an application for mobile phones and tablets is fixed there should also be included a special component of creativity. It should appear everywhere just like on the websites. A website should contain quality content, correct style and interface, the correct way of working with application, correspondence with  audience interests and needs etc.

The basic principles of mobile application marketing

Usually in theory the way of promotion differs from one we have on practice; the conditions are different whether these are product or services. When working with intellectual product there appears a situation when neither one nor another model is appropriate so the application requires special approach. The creators of such concepts frequently deny such basic organizational documents as marketing plan and marketing mix. There also are nonclassic technologies which draw a lot of ideas from neuromarketing and methods working with cases in the sense of situational paradigm. The development of the mobile application for iPhone can cost half a million dollars and the same sum of money can be spent on its promotion.

The unicity of the offer

The unique idea is very important for a mobile application. This is the reason why it differs from the traditional way of goods and service promotion where the commercial offer plays the most important role. User’s work with a program for a mobile phone doesn’t contain only irrational actions but also reflection when the logic and reaction motivation of the market acts in a special way.

Everybody knows that the offer can hardly be unique in the context of high competition and the changing logic of market agents’ cooperation. For example, creation of a mobile application for android which will change the big picture on the market is very hard. That’s why it is important not to do it special but develop it to maximize the level of use convenience when contacting with electronic environment. If we consider the whole situation in the sense of technology the whole process of promotion will be directed not to the product but to its image. This kind of marketing can be called as marketing of impressions or even interface marketing. 

Advertising in mobile applications and brand integration

March 28, 2014

Advertising in mobile applications is one of the most effective and fast ways of their capitalization. The advantages of such advertising are evident and highly appreciated with the founders of different business projects all over the world. More and more market agents pay big sums of money for demonstration of such information and more and more platforms are ready to provide virtual place for these demonstrations. Such kind of advertising helps them to gain target audiences in different segments of users’ community.

In practice

It is worth to pay attention to context advertisement inside of games or other soft.  It can be used as banners and spoilers which do not overload the interface but contain rich functionality in the context of promotion and payback. Under the definite cases many schemes are pretty logical: for example different applications of night clubs operating on ios can contain advertisements of goods and services which correspond to the audience. These can be expensive alcohol drinks, cars, popular mobile phones and also different events, such as parties or concerts. Everything depends on the specificity of a certain public place.

In this case target audience can be pretty wide but sometimes there is a mechanism which helps to consolidate only amorphous audience in one virtual space. The advertising strategy can at first be oriented to a really small group of people. In this very case the message can hit the mark. Development of applications using such tactics often faces difficulties because Apple users are very different. It is an audience which doesn’t have clear description either by gender or age and also this audience can have unclear needs.

Branded applications

The role of branded applications is increasing and advertisement there is becoming expensive enough by means of mass audience high loyalty. In this case along with an application there is a promotion of corporate brand mark. There is also a promotion of goods and services information about which user can learn from the application. The ownership of a branded application is the mark of innovative competence and professionalism of a company; moreover it is a way of advertising for the market agent. The creation of an iPhone application for a concrete brand will cost more but it worth the money spent on it. Interacting with context advertisement user can feel in a different way: for some it can be useful, for others it is annoying. It became clear worldwide that potential audience is tired of spam and banners, that’s why the programs which don’t include advertising but which are the advertising in themselves became popular. To make the product really successful it is necessary to realize the decision in a right way so a user will understand that he needs this program. Nowadays the development of mobile applications can include the integration of the brand but this procedure is pretty expensive both from technical and communicational points of view. 

The advantages of mobile application in business

March 28, 2014

Nowadays the development of mobile applications became much easier in the comparison with the situation taken place 5 years ago. The great amount of professional programmers and amateurs try to develop something new in this sphere everyday. They cooperate in order to find interesting decisions which can help them to develop something innovative. Nowadays mobile applications are not worse than the ones for computers, moreover their possibilities are improving with the developing of 3G and LTE.

Today, there are a lot of ways to develop a mobile application and to provide whole support of it so it won’t lose its importance in years. Now it became easier to improve an interface and functionality of your application with the help of automatic updates. All the application improvements happen out of user’s vision so he gains the loyalty to a really high qualified product.

Possibilities of mobile applications for business

Until recently the majority of the companies have been using mobile versions of their sites because it is cheaper and as they thought effective. The creating of mobile version of a site is really cheaper and takes less time for realization. Then, there a question arises: why more and more companies invest their money in the mobile application development? The point is that the development of it in the end brings a lot of new advantages. Mobile versions of sites will never have such possibilities which a mobile application has now.

In the computer era that we have nowadays the war between businesses comes down to the opposition between interfaces because they play the most important role. A lot of people today use their mobile phones to for such social network as “Vkontakte”, for example. It doesn’t matter what platform your mobile phone operates on, you will definitely choose an application rather than a mobile version of a site. An application is more convenient in use in the comparison with a mobile version of the site. That is why a development of mobile applications today is so popular. If your company does not have a mobile application and your competitor does have then your potential customers will buy his products.

The features of Apple soft

Nowadays iOS is one of the most popular systems on the world market. Despite the fact that iOS is proprietary source software its system is more effective due to its efficiency index in comparison with Android. Some companies do not want to develop their own mobile application because of the big timescales or its price. Nevertheless, when a company decide to develop a mobile application it will definitely pay back. Today development of applications for iOS is available for a great number of clients and as it’s the new step of the company’s development this idea is worth investing money.

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