Mastercard: users of mobile networks began to trust mobile payments

June 4, 2014

Master Card and Prime Research announced the results of second annual global research MasterCard Mobile Payments Study. As part of study more than 13 million commentaries on social media sites on the topic of mobile payments were analyzed. Twitter and Facebook were used among the analyzed resources.

The results of the study show the improvement of relation to mobile payments, fast growth of its usage and the widening the amount of companies which accept such kind of payment. 88% of the commentaries on the topic of mobile payments are positive, moreover the ability to pay via internet is usually considered as an advantage. As customers use mobile payments more and more often those companies which don’t accept them can appear to be in disadvantaged position.

According to the research the year 2013 became one when the developing of mobile payments slipped from the theory into the practice. In 2013 81% of talks triggered users who had used such technology. This result differs from the exponents of 2012 when only 32% who participated in discussions used mobile payments. Although there are apprehensions about the security of mobile payments the research showed that customers and companies slipped from the question “Why to use mobile payments?” to the question “What way of mobile payments is better to use?” Moreover, it can be expected that in 2014 there will be loyal relation to mobile brands and the companies in this sphere so the companies that have such kind of payment will turn out to be in favourites.

More and more customers use mobile payments:

From doubts to use: The doubts that were the main topic of the discussions gave place to the discussions about the quality and feasibility of different products. The study showed that instead of the question about using mobile payments (this topic ranked 3th in the discussions of 2012) customers began to discuss which way of mobile payments they should use (this topic ranked 4th in 2013).

Who takes part in the discussions: The users of mobile payments now trigger the biggest part of the discussions. A year ago 68% of the discussions’ participants hadn’t use such technology. This shows that the customers slipped from the discussions to practice of using mobile payments.

More positive feedback: The relation to mobile payments has improved (74% of positive feedback in 2013 in comparison with 58% in 2012). The authors of the messages who didn’t use this way of payment also consider this way convenient (79% of positive feedback in 2013 in comparison with 76% in 2012). This shows that users’ experience becomes better, technical quality improves and the network of accepting mobile payments enlarges.

Users’ experience is becoming better, but extra efforts are required:

The users’ relation to the mobile payment becomes better (63% of positive feedback in 2013 in comparison with 34% in 2012). Nevertheless users’ experience is still far from the ideal and can be the reason of disappointment in a lot of cases.

The importance of mobile payments accepting: The topic about the opportunity of mobile payments accepting became the most debated topic of 2013 – the percentage of the commentaries on this topic is 15% on the whole and 48% of the messages from companies. The survey shows that both users and companies like mobile payments (86% of the commentaries are positive) which probably lead to the widening of the mobile payments network in 2014. The interesting fact is that there were only several companies who accept such kind of payment in 2012 and this was considered as a barrier for entering the market of mobile payments and in 2013 the possibility of mobile payments became the most debated topic with positive feedback.

Attendance of companies in social networks: The accounts of companies in social networks created 22% of messages on the topic of mobile payments and 88% of these commentaries were positive. The survey showed that 90% of such discussions are led by retail and service outlets which have already introduced the system of mobile payments. The companies which didn’t introduce the system of mobile payments usually use social network to search the information about mobile payments from those who has already had them.

It’s all about convenience: The companies who use mobile payments tell that the reason which made this system so popular is its convenience of using. The survey also showed that the companies discuss the advantages of such kind of payment for themselves and for customers which is also an advantage for the company.

It is necessary to spread the information about security:

Users are in a mess: The initiatives on the users’ education will become the important moment of mobile payments development. The messages concerning to the security of such kind of payment were negative in 66% of commentaries.

The space for education: Although the security of mobile payments is high, users do not always know how the refund in the case of unsanctioned mobile transactions.  

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