New trends in mobile advertisement

May 15, 2014

1. Quantified Self era is coming

Quantified Self is a constant information collection about a person’s own life.

The customers’ interest is captured by the technologies of “personal analytics”. These are “clever” watches, glasses, bracelets and other carry devices with the help of which you can monitor and analyze your own physical capacities and the health condition, your movement, calories consuming, sleep phases, degree of oxygen in blood or everyday expenses. Sometimes you can measure even mood or snap.

Customers will more often consider their mobile phone as a device of life quality improvement.

With the help of mobile services users will develop memory and intellect, do brain fitness, stimulate the career growth, struggle with stress and improve your psychological condition, take care of their health, analyze products’ and environment quality, provide self-safety, and the safety of their property etc.

For example, Jawbone UP allows gathering statistics of three main aspects of your life: what you’re doing, how you sleep and how much you eat.

It works via UP2  which is always connected to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart and helps to achieve goals with real-time updates on the progress and notifications when a user needs them.

 2. Crowdshaping

Goods and services will be created and offered for sale quickly and on the basis of systematized data about customers.

Companies are going to analyze the information about users’ behavior taken from mobile devices online immediately giving them a targeted product.

For example, CheckinDJ application adapt music which is playing in a public place to people’s tastes. Using special applications customers note which music genres they like and the system select music which most of presented people like.

Marketing and advertisement tendencies

 3. Struggle with SMS-spam

Since 2014 growth rates of SMS distribution market slack due to introducing blocking A2P SMS distribution from short numbers. As the survey shows these innovations became useful because the number of such distribution decreased.

 4. Mobile marketing is coming on top

In the rating of the most prioritized instruments of internet-promotion mobile marketing ranks the third, left behind only web-analytics and automatization and this isn’t a limit, because it will take the first place soon.

 5. Mobile RTB in 2014 will be 45% of all the procurements of mobile advertisement

Mobile Real Time Bidding became mainstream in 2013 due to the fact that Twitter bought MoPub which was the leader in mobile RTB technologies sphere.

This trend will continue to develop and to the end of 2014 will be 45% of all the procurements of mobile advertisement.

 6. Consolidation in advertisement network will continue

In 2013 Millennial Media bought Jumptap and this event became watershed for advertisement networks. The explosion of mobile advertisement networks popularity which followed by Google’s purchase of Admob in 2009 for $750 mn came to the end.

 7. New format of mobile advertisement

Dataflow and video advertisement on Facebook is one of the examples of mobile advertisement which appear in the developing industry.

Personal advertising format appeared in such social networks as Pinterest and Instagram and these formats will be available for Russian advertisers.

 8. FBX from Facebook will come in mobile sphere and become dominative there

Talking about Facebook income in July of 2013 and making a reference to Facebook Exchange Sheryl Sanberg Facebook COO said: “FBX is only a small part of our business”. However, the situation changes very fast.

Facebook has published the accountancy for a 4th district of 2013 and for a whole 2013 year recently. The most interesting numbers were the percentage of mobile advertisement in the company’s revenue: 53% according to the results for the 4th district and 40% according to the year results. For comparison: in the 4th district of 2012 the percentage of mobile advertisement was only 23%.

Main Facebook numbers in 2013

Year revenue – $7.87 billions, the growth in comparison with the previous year corresponds to 55%

Net profit – $1.5 billions

Free cash flow – $2.85 billions

DAU – 757 million, the growth in comparison with December 2012 corresponds to 22%

DAU in mobile sphere – 945 millions at December, 31, the growth up to 39% in comparison with the last year

Analytics from J.P. Morgan tells that they are sure that income from mobile advertisements will run at 60% of all Facebook income.

 9. E-mail mailouts became adaptive and more effective

E-mail marketing became an indispensable instrument in numerous advertising campaigns. However flying growth of mobile changed the way in such direction.

Mobile devices became the reason for an appearance of a new mailout format – mobile letters. The design of them is adapted for screens of mobile devices, which increases the feedback of the recipients.  

 Statistics collected from all over the world shows the increase of volume of the read letters using mobile devices.

 10. The development of free cross- promotion networks

For example is a system created for independent developers with limited advertisement budget works like a banner exchange network.

After the integration with the system the advertisement of your application is shown in all the apps which are integrated with and your app starts to show the advertisements of the applications which are connected to the network.

As a result the developers get thousands of additional installations and help each other to rise in the ratings absolutely free.

  11. The appearance of advertising platforms by kind of SecondScreenNetworks

SecondScreen technology doesn’t require any actions from users or a device, the advertisement on the devices is synchronized automatically and is shown in the context of TV-advertisement, operating like a TV-tagging.

This platform on the one hand allows making TV advertisement more interactive and propel brands’ communication to the next level, and on the other hand it offers a good way of additional earnings for tv-channels and content editors.

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